We believe hip hop is universal.
We started Bass & Format with the goal of spreading quality hip hop to every region in the world. So, every year we scout artists from different countries, and we fly them to our headquarters in California with the goal of making classics. We have projects planned with artists from the UK, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, Canada, and many other countries.
We believe hip hop fans deserve quality.
It's no secret that many people feel the need to pirate music these days. Who can blame them, when there is no real standard for quality in the hip hop industry. We've wasted a lot of money on albums that only contained a handful of good tracks, so we decided to change things. We have put a lot of effort into our releases to make sure they are always worth your hard-earned money. If we wouldn't buy it ourselves, it doesn't ever make it into our catalog.

Talent comes first here

You can't make quality hip-hop if you don't work with artists who are truly gifted. We start by finding the right talent first.

You can't rush the classics

All of our albums have at least a year of work put into them, and our singles a few months. None of our music is ever rushed.

Music that improves your life

A goal of ours when developing song concepts is to always ask ourselves "How will this song actually improve somebody's life?"

Nobody likes skippables

Ever bought an album and had to skip 75% of it to listen to the 3 songs you like? With our albums, we want you to forget that there's a next button.

Easy access to information

We will always provide full & detailed lyrics, track info, fun facts, captions in music videos, and other info to add more value to your purchase.

Every release is international

There are hip-hop fans in every country, so our music will always be for sale in stores everywhere. We don't play favorites.

We believe in giving back to our community.

Connect with artists

Ask our artists questions directly
Learn how they created their music
Explore their full discography

Contribute to charity

A portion of every sale goes to charity
Our community chooses the best cause
Donations made at the end of the year

Earn rewards

No sign-up required!
Just for being a customer
All rewards are EXTREMELY limited
While some artists care about attaining endless amounts of wealth and finding new ways to brag to you about it, we make sure that our artists never forget where they came from. We put our money where our mouth is, and a portion of our earnings go to charities personally chosen by our community every year. In order to say thank you to our customers for helping us grow, we also frequently mail out rewards as we reach special milestones.
How can you be a part of our movement?
Join us on one of the social networks above for the latest updates, browse our catalog of quality hip hop from all over the world, and help us spread the word about our latest releases!